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System Messages

(2023-JAN-23 08:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: PIEE 6.14.2 starting 1900 ET - 2200 ET, 1/27  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

PMO has scheduled downtime to deploy PIEE Sustainment Release 6.14.2.

The PIEE website will be down, starting 1900 ET, Friday, 1/27, ending at 2200 ET.

(2022-DEC-13 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: (2nd Update) Please Note Upcoming Firewall Changes  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

2nd Update: Due to 1/16/2023 being a holiday, PROD WAF will be changed to blocking mode Tuesday morning, 1/17/2023.

As required, PIEE has to enable WAF (Web Application Firewall), first in learning mode on 12/16, then in blocking mode on 1/16/2023 (**Update: date changed from 1/20/2023 to 1/16/2023**).  These firewall changes have been tested and are transparent to the users.  We do not anticipate issues when WAF is in learning mode, however, if you start to experience access issue, especially when WAF is in blocking mode, please contact DISA Global Service Desk, 1-844-347-2457(DISAHLP).