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System Messages

(2024-JUN-12 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: SFTP User Issues  Action Required!  Message For: All Users  

Intermittent SFTP connectivity issues are being reported following this past weekend’s Maintenance activities.  Investigations are continuing, and we ask for your patience as we work toward a final solution as quickly as possible.

(2023-DEC-20 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: Request for MOCAS Action  Message For: All Users  

We’ve made it easier to request a MOCAS Action. Just answer some simple questions about your request. We will help guide you through the form to ensure it’s completed accurately and ready to submit on your first attempt!

To download and complete the Request for MOCAS Action SmartForm, click here.


To download and complete the Request for MOCAS Action in PDF format, click here.