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System Messages

(2020-AUG-24 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: MRS Access  Action Required!  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

Attention: MRS is available using the following: IE, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Chrome is intermittent.

(2020-AUG-22 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: ALERT Certificate Logon User  Action Required!  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

Certificate Logon User only

Users Accessing PIEE with userid/password who have the need to bind your Certificate to your PIEE account the directions to change authentication type have changed.

Please see FinalChanging_Authentication.pdf   for new steps to be completed via the change Authentication screens on your profile under My Account.

This is ONLY for user who have a need to bind their Certificate to the account for the first time, or after a Certificate Reset, if you have a current exemption to not use a Certificate for login with the PIEE application please disregard.

(2020-AUG-21 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: ALERT All UserID/Password users  Action Required!  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

All users who Access PIEE with Userid and Password Please READ. This includes Vendors and Some Government Users.

All users who access PIEE with their Certificate disregard this message.

With the implementation of 6.7, PIEE will be implementing Multi Factor Authentication for digital signing.

  • For Multi Factor Authentication user now need to set up a PIN.
  • This PIN along with an email provided password per signing event is needed to digitally sign.
  • This new functionality allows users to use Multi-Factor Authentication, to sign documents, add additional roles and sign the rules of Behavior Document when annual revalidation of your account comes due.

The PIEE PMO is asking for all users accessing PIEE with a userid/password login to your account NOW and follow the provided directions on setting up this new PIN before it is needed. If a PIN is not established prior to attempting to sign you will be prompted to establish one, and your data may be lost.

See FinalNew_Digital_PIN_and_OTP.pdf for additional assistance.