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(2024-FEB-21 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: PIEE Release 6.19.0: 02/23/24, 1830 ET - 2200 ET  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

PIEE Deployment of Release 6.19.0:  Friday, 2/23/24, 1830 ET - 2200 ET

ALL applications (WAWF, EDA, FEDMALL, PALT, etc.) will be unavailable during the downtime window.

(2024-FEB-20 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: DCMA Payment Office Change  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

Attention:  Due to DCMA organizational restructuring, all vendors with payment office HQ0337 should verify that the payment office remains unchanged. 

The following DCMA administration offices are affected:

S3309A DCMA Garden City

S0701A DCMA Hartford

S3306A DCMA Syracuse

Vendors belonging to those offices now exist under the renamed Boston office of DCMA Northeast S2206A.

S2206A DCMA Northeast MOCAS payment office is now HQ0338.  Vendors with a MOCAS payment office of HQ0337 and under the S2206A DoDAAC need to make sure they submit WAWF documents with the new payment office of HQ0338.

To verify your MOCAS payment office or DCMA administration office, use the PIEE Purpose Code Management module.

Specific contract questions refer to the Award Management Team function (for your administrative contracting officer) in the EDA module.

(2023-DEC-20 00:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: Request for MOCAS Action  Message For: All Users  

We’ve made it easier to request a MOCAS Action. Just answer some simple questions about your request. We will help guide you through the form to ensure it’s completed accurately and ready to submit on your first attempt!

To download and complete the Request for MOCAS Action SmartForm, click here.


To download and complete the Request for MOCAS Action in PDF format, click here.