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(2022-SEP-16 06:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: Maintenance:PALT/PPML/PCOM, 1700-0200 ET, 9/23  Critical!  Message For: All Users  

Migrating VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for PALT/PPML/PCOM hosted in AWS, is to improve security posture and provide dedicated tenancy in AWS - by adding additional separation from other AWS customers.  PALT/PPML/PCOM are using PIEE as the SSO portal. 

PALT/PPML/PCOM will NOT be available during the downtime, however, ALL other PIEE applications (WAWF, EDA, Fedmall, CEDMS, etc.) will be accessible.   The downtime window for PALT/PPML/PCOM is 1700 - 0200 ET, Friday, September 23.

(2022-SEP-02 04:00 UTC)   System: All  Subject: Payment Modernization  Action Required!  Critical!  Message For: All Users  


To support the Department’s efforts to modernize financial management business processes, it is necessary that payment procedures adhere to U.S Treasury Department guidelines, especially at fiscal year-end.

MOCAS is a self-contained system that disburses payments as part of its internal systemic business processes, which makes it a Non-Treasury Disbursement Office (NTDO). NTDO disbursement offices must adhere to the letter and intent of the authorities, processes, and rules outlined in Treasury Financial Manual, Volume I, Part 4A, Chapter 4000, for the creation, issuance, and reporting of transactions.

Specifically, from Section 4025.20—Processing Payments at Fiscal Budget Year-End:

“NTDOs are prohibited from using Same Day ACH, and therefore must always submit their Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments at least one business day in advance of settlement. As a result, NTDOs must submit their ACH payments no later than September 29th in order to ensure that the payments settle at the Treasury General Account by September 30th. If September 30th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, NTDOs must submit their payments by the last Thursday before September 30th in order for them to settle on that Friday, the last business day of the month.”

To meet the above Treasury guidelines, it is necessary to shift the last FY22 MOCAS disbursement day to Thursday, September 29, 2022 from Friday, September 30, 2022. With this shift, there will be no opportunity for MOCAS payments on Friday, September 30.

Due to the aforementioned change, we strongly encourage you to submit any last minute canceling funds invoices as soon as possible. We will make every effort to pay canceling funds invoices received, but we cannot guarantee payment.

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact me or my points of contact referenced on the year-end guidance attached.

It is available at https://piee.eb.mil/documentation/fye_2022_cancelling_funds_revised_08-30-22.pdf