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(2023-AUG-21 12:02 UTC)   System: All  Subject: DSM has been updated!  Action Required!  Message For: All Users  

The Delivery Schedule Manager (DSM) module in PIEE has recently been enhanced. It now…

(1) includes a capability to send two-way communications for award-specific matters between the Government and Vendor communities,

(2) allows the Government to send reminders and notices to vendors related to upcoming and overdue reports/deliverables,

(3) is a portal allowing the Vendor to submit reports/deliverables (when provided in award terms), and

(4) automatically routes the Vendor submitted reports/deliverables to the Enterprise Award File (EAF) in PIEE.

If your Command is interested in learning more about these new DSM functionalities, please contact Josh Kabisch (DPC eBusiness) at joshua.m.kabisch.civ@us.navy.mil.