Overview of Access Approval Process

Access Approval Process

The Access Approval Automated process for Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment is for Government and Government Support Contractors requesting access to WAWF, IUID Registry, myInvoice, EDA, MRS, eMIPR, Contract Closeout and CDR.

New Users will click the Register button on the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Home Page to register for any of the applications listed previously. Please see the Registration trainings within the WBT for further details.

After a successful registration and before activation, the user may sign into Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment where they can Edit their Profile, Supervisor and Agency Information as well as change their Password and Security Questions. The User may also View Request Status.

When a user signs in and checks the request status, if their supervisor has rejected any requests, the user can resubmit the request by selecting Resubmit and clicking the Submit Request button. The User will then receive an email detailing what roles have been approved and what roles have been rejected. NOTE: If a Supervisor doesn’t respond within 30 days, the system will mark the user role status to ‘Rejected’.

Once a User's roles are approved by their Sponsor/Supervisor, the Group Administrator (GAM), System Administrator (SAM) or Help Administrator (HAM) can then activate the users. If the GAM/SAM/HAM see a REVIEW REQUIRED link under the Access Approval column, they can click on the link which allows them to view the Access Approval.

Upon activation, a user may then sign into Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment. A button will be displayed for each application for which the user has active roles.

30 days prior to the annual revalidation of the Access Approval, the user may go to the Annual Revalidation link under the User dropdown to complete this process. A reminder message will displayed to the user upon logon.