Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environmnet (PIEE) - Overview

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environmnet (PIEE) - Table of Contents

  1. Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environmnet (PIEE) Suite Overview
  2. Sample PIEE Invoice and Acceptance Process.
  3. Overall PIEE Benefits.
  4. Key Transaction Types (FY17 Totals).
  5. PIEE Connects Multiple Communities.

1: Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Suite Overview

  • Account Management
    • SAM based contractor account established (FY17 users)
    • 87K contractor users
    • 70k companies
    • 134K government users
    • 4K government support contractors
  • Single Sing-On PIEE modules and other systems
  • Common data environment
    • Standard data extracts to support financial audit
  • Creation of payment related
    • Invoices
    • Receiving Reports
    • Financing Payments
  • Routing
  • Data Visibility
  • Plug and play with other systems

PIEE gives both vendors and Government users a single face to industry, with benefits to both industry and Government.

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2: Sample PIEE Invoice and Acceptance Process

Key Transaction Types including Invoices, Delivery and Acceptance as well as Financing Payments Request with each of their total count and cost.

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3: Overall PIEE Benefits

  • Receipt, acceptance, and invoicing are integrated
  • Acceptance can be performed at item level
  • Supports property accountability by capturing data on delivered items and making it available to other systems
  • Support processing via mobile application
    • Submit invoice and receiving report via smartphone app (Apple and Android)
  • Uses contract data from Electronic Data Access (EDA)
    • Prepopulate invoices and receiving reports
    • Enables validation against contract data and prior invoices, e.g. obligated amount minus invoiced to date
    • Enables validation against contract clause data (currently DoD Procurement Data Standard only)

DFARS 252.232-7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports designated PIEE the enterprise solution for DoD

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4: Key Transaction Types (FY17 Totals)

Invoices Count Amount**
Invoice (Fixed Price)* 3,396,414 $ 112,577,020,427
Cost Voucher 357,004 $ 87,312,380,497
Invoice as 2 in 1 (Fixed Price Services - Documents invoice and delivery) 450,512 $ 37,406,505,923
Construction Invoice 77,959 $ 8,630,848,093
Energy Invoice (Fixed Price)* 57,553 $ 6,368,323,676
Grant Invoice 53,879 $ 2,447,522,600
Miscellaneous Payment 85,297 $ 1,265,092,490
Non Procuremnet Instruments (NPE) Voucher (other transactions and assistance) Total 10,929 $ 1,250,665,934
----------- ----------- ---------------------
Total 4,489,547 $ 257,258,359,641
Delivery and Acceptance Count Amount**
Receiving Report 2,014,074 $ 143,835,956,109
Energy Receiving Report 47,414 $ 3,010,421,426
Repairables Receiving Report Total 9,493 $ 656,900,384
---------- ---------- ---------------
Total 2,070,981 $ 147,503,277,919
Financing Payment Requests Count Amount**
Progress Payment 9,498 $ 22,809,750,571
Performance Based Payment 1,789 $ 18,511,802,930
Commercial Item Financing Total 658 $ 567,533,321
---------- ---------- ---------------
Total 11,945 $ 41,889,086,822
* Includes TeleCom invoices ** Excludes amounts billed in foreign currencies (48,566 actions in 24 currencies)

PIEE supports single step creation of invoice and receiving report and creation of invoice from receiving report.

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5: PIEE Connects Multiple Communites

PIEE process an average of 46k files a day across multiple communites including Invoice Acceptance Payment Status (financial management), Property Records Package Data (Logistics), and Accounts payable Accruals (Accounting).

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